Automation and plant management

sistemi automazioneAutomation and management of fuel, oil and additive distribution systems for fleets.



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Automation is carried out using equipment designed for use on plants with storage greater than 10 cubic meters, and therefore metrologically approved according to the MID 2014/32/EU directive, for the purposes of distribution with a report from third parties (Utf, partners, etc.).


Assytech can manufacture, directly or through authorized companies, complete automation systems capable of meeting all your possible needs.

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AT12 integratoThe CPTH02 computing head associated with the local serial communication interface 232/TTL (ICL) CPT43006 allows to enable a refueling sequence and save the delivery data.

In this configuration, called AT12, it manages the connected peripherals on its own and transfers the data on the LAN network. The ICL interface is part of the metrological approval of the header (DM 30/10/2006 n ° 27252).


AT04The integrated CPTT2 is designed for use inside the fuel pums.

The terminal can be used to perform one or all of the following functions: access control in vehicle parks, continuous storage tank level control, management of up to max 16 fuel pumps, I/O reading and control from the field.

The CPTT2 is a stand-alone or interlocked terminal that indipendently controls the connected peripherals and transfers the data to the floppy disk drive or to USB.

AT07The forecourt terminal called CPTT2 is a device intended for installation at a fuel filling station or a private vehicle refuelling area (fleets). The terminal can be used to perform one or all of the following functions:
- Continuous storage tank level control
- Access control in vehicle parks
- Management of up to max. 16 fuel pumps
- I/O reading and control from the field

kit antennaThe RFID wireless antenna for fuel refuelling system automation is made in two versions, for delivery nozzle and handheld model.

The model to be mounted on the delivery nozzles is suitable for the ELAFLEX ZVA25 and ZVA SL2 models.

The antenna kits are available in the standard version (with antenna incorporated in the nozzle body) or in the high-sensitivity version HS (with external antenna).

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